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A customer relationship management system (CRM)

can help businesses increase efficiency and manage their sales leads. Employees can use a CRM system to create a central platform for potential and current customers to expand a company's reach.

To make your business more efficient, invest in a Techallie custom CRM development as it helps to :

  • Increase revenue
  • Improve lead generation and conversions
  • Help you build customer loyalty
  • Automate tasks and stay updated with a CRM
  • Help you maximize cost reductions
  • Help you become more productive
  • Makes Life Easier

What is Customer Relationship Management?

Customer relationship management, or CRM, is a process that organizations often use to boost customer relationships. It involves trying to understand their needs and requirements. It integrates all functions of your organization, including marketing and sales, to boost your overall revenue.

How do Techallie CRM Modules work for your Businesses?

By analyzing all relevant data, our CRM will help you better understand your customers and market simultaneously. The CRM integrates sales and marketing teams and provides quick support and service to customers. It also provides an entire view of your organization, which streamlines your day-to-day operations and improves your business's efficiency.


Customer Relationship Management Modules


Custom Field Builder

You need a custom fields builder to add fields for an employee or company profile. You can add as many fields to your CRM custom fields builder module, whether it's a company or contact profile.

Integration with custom fields builder allows you to create various fields, such as password, dropdown, and radio button.

WooCommerce Integration

You can synchronize all order details and customer data with WooCommerce via this integration. It allows customers to keep track and monitor all sales and view all the details right from their CRM dashboard.

Segmenting your customers based on their preferences can allow you to create dynamic customer lists. You can also save your lists for post-sale services, such as email newsletters or sending emails.

Salesforce Contacts Sync

Few people are working in cloud computing who doesn't know the name Salesforce.

Salesforce CRM is one of its most important and bestselling services. That is a service you should be familiar with and comfortable using in your business. Salesforce Contact integration makes it easy to sync your contacts to both CRMs.

Document Manager

When you're developing a product or managing a team, documentation is essential. Do not waste time searching for documentation. Instead, store it smarter. You can save any document on your CRM server using the documentation manager module.

This module allows you to upload and access any file format to your server. You can also decide who accesses your server with this documentation manager module.


SMS Notification

Are you reaching out to your clients and colleagues when emails and system messages are enough!

This SMS gateway allows you to send SMS notifications from your ERP system to your employees and contacts. Don't you think it is cool?

It supports seven of the most popular SMS gateways. You can choose who you wish to send an SMS to and who you don't.


A systemic solution called the Workflow module for CRM software can automate your workflows such as email, contacts, employee creation, etc.

This integration is a great tool for those who want to expand their business instead of managing contacts and sending emails.

We are asked to work with different industries

Real estate

Your real estate agent may deal with multiple prospects at the same time. Each opportunity will have a different stage of closing. Many potential clients expect their agents to be advisors during the entire buying process. It can be challenging for agents to understand clients' needs as they manage multiple properties and tools.

Techallie renders a real estate CRM contact management software that provides a single view of all clients, ongoing deals, and interactions with the company. It helps to prioritize agent prospects based on how engaged they are with your company. It will also suggest the best next steps to help drive further conversations. Your agents will now be able to view the most interesting people.

• Chat and email conversations with prospects

• An overview of the engagement of opportunities with your business

• To be completed and upcoming appointments

• Website activities, such as pages visited and downloaded marketing material

• The marketing team sends them emails and newsletters


We offer a single platform that integrates marketing and sales automation to create an AI-powered CRM solution. This CRM solution helps businesses in manufacturing expand by working with sales and marketing teams to generate powerful insights. Techallie CRM offers a variety of features.

• It's easy to use
An easy interface does not require users to spend time navigating the software. Instead, it encourages flexibility. To get the most accurate reports, ensure that you enter the correct data.

• AI-Powered
Techallie CRM is an AI-powered assistant multipurpose, makes timely recommendations that help with intelligent decision making. It allows for faster sales.

• Scalable
It makes it ideal for small businesses as much as enterprise or mid-market companies.


It can be challenging to find the right CRM software. We can help you make this decision easier. Of course, the CRM.

Techallie CRM is a retail CRM system that empowers sales reps. It allows them to sell better and allows your business to leverage the power of customer data to sell more.


Techallie CRM is the best and intuitive healthcare software that works right out of the box and sync seamlessly with your healthcare environment. It helps your staff build cordial relationships with your patients by:

• Storing patient and doctor information in one place for immediate access.

• Giving a clear view of a patient's basic information and their entire medical record on one screen

• Keeping track of patients' medical bills and the fees charged by doctors.


Techallie CRM is an AI-powered eCommerce CRM software that has been designed to help online store owners like you grow your business.

One comprehensive eCommerce CRM system allows you to attract the best leads, increase customer engagement, and close deals. Techallie CRM will earn you customers for life.

• Automatically capture your ecommerce website visitors and convert them into leads using the ecommerce CRM software.

• Offer AI-backed insights and the next best steps to take to convert leads quickly into customers.

• A timeline of leads' activity, including recent conversations and appointments, on one screen.

• Targeted email journeys that are based on customer purchase history can personalize each lead's purchase path.


A CRM for Finance allows your staff across sales, marketing, and support to seamlessly access customer data across all departments, regardless of whether it is a wealth management company, corporate bank, or investment bank. That is the first step in improving the customer experience. Of course, CRM software for Finance also ensures that you don't have to juggle multiple tools to manage customer journeys and data. Finance teams can access everything they need from one platform with the CRM.