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emphasized End-to-End User Experience and streamlined business operations. We are a highly regarded custom ERP development firm. Techallie is committed to providing the highest quality development services at the most competitive prices.

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What are ERP system modules?

You can use the ERP module for specific business functions. The modules provide data and support processes to help employees do their jobs. The ERP system integrates all modules into one system. It provides one source of data that is accurate, regardless of the additions or deletions to the business's system. The ERP system is like a toolbox. The modules are the screws driver, wrench, and hammer. They each have their uses.

How do Techallie ERP Modules work for your Businesses?

ERP's modular structure allows it to be tailored to business needs. That is why ERP is so widespread. An organization can choose only the modules that best suit its business model, operations, or key challenges. It can then add ERP modules to address any new needs or challenges that arise as the organization changes. Modular ERP software has the advantage that companies can add functionality while still maintaining the same foundation. When requirements change, there's no need to build a new ERP. It's a tedious process as long as the company chooses a reputable ERP provider with a large selection of modules.

Enterprise Resource Planning Modules

Enterprise Resource Planning Modules

Human Resource

A human resource management (HRM) or human capital management (HCM) module usually encompasses all the features of workforce management applications and offers additional capabilities. The HRM module could also be called a CRM for employees. This module is very popular and keeps detailed records of all employees. It also stores documents such as performance reviews, job descriptions, and offer letters. Techallie module tracks hours worked and paid time off (PTO), sick days, and benefits information.

Human Resource Management System

The Techallie HRM module stores large amounts of information about every employee within the organization. That eliminates duplicates and inaccurate data that many organizations keep in different spreadsheets.

Financial Accounting

The finance module is responsible for managing the inflow and withdrawal of capital. This module maintains track of all account-related transactions, including expenditures. Balance sheets, account ledgers, budgeting, bank statements, payment receipts, tax management. This ERP module makes financial reporting easy. The Finance module allows you to access all financial information that is necessary for running your business.

Supply Chain Management

A supply chain management module tracks each step in the movement of supplies and goods throughout the supply chain, from sub-suppliers to suppliers to manufacturers to distributors to retailers or consumers. It can also handle any returned materials or products for replacement or refund.

Supply chain management can encompass various modules, such as procurement, inventory management, and manufacturing. It may also have additional functionality that is not available in the core modules.

Customer Relationship Management

The CRM department can help to increase sales performance through better customer services and establishing good relationships with customers. The CRM module has all details about the customer.

CRM module allows customers to keep track of and manage their details. That includes communication history, meetings, phone calls, purchases details, and contract duration. For increased sales opportunities, the CRM module may be integrated with the Sales module.


The inventory management module enables inventory control by tracking item quantities and locations down to the individual. This module offers a complete picture of current and incoming inventory through an integration with the procurement tool. This piece of software helps businesses manage inventory costs, making sure they have sufficient stock without tying up too much cash in inventory. An inventory management application can weigh sales trends against the available product to helps companies make informed decisions that boost margins and increase inventory turn (a measure of how often inventory is sold over a certain period). It can help prevent stockouts and delays, which enhances customer service.

Businesses that lack other supply chain management modules may also use the inventory management application to handle purchase orders, sales orders, and shipping. Larger organizations will need a version of this solution that can track inventory across multiple locations.


The purchase modules are responsible for all of the steps involved in procuring goods or raw materials. The purchase module has many functions, including supplier/vendor list, supplier & link, sending quotation requests and recording them, receiving & tracking quotations, creating purchase orders, tracking the purchased item, preparing GRNs (Good Receipt Notices), updating stocks, and other reports. The purchase module is integrated with the Inventory module & Engineering/production module for updating stocks.

Project Management

This module assists the industry with managing projects and their details. Project management includes tracking the status of projects, managing raw materials, and accounting for required materials. Techallie ERP records contain every detail that is relevant to the project. Also, the module stores spreadsheets, photos, documents, and drawings. ERP for project Management completely automates activities in the project management module. It allows for human intervention to be eliminated. This module is an ideal digital solution that can integrate into an ERP system.

An order management module tracks orders from receipt to delivery. This ERP module tracks all orders from customers to warehouses, distribution centers, retail stores and tracks them as they're fulfilled, prepared, and shipped to their destination. Order management prevents orders from being lost and increases on-time delivery rates. Customers are happy with this module, and it reduces costs for expedited shipping.

Advanced order management programs can help companies choose the best cost-effective option for fulfilling orders.

We are asked to work with different industries

Real estate

With our full-cycle services, we bring your complex and innovative real estate software ideas into reality. Techallie, having developed numerous web-based and mobile-based solutions for the real estate industry, is uniquely positioned to bring new ideas from the whiteboard onto the market. Our services include UI/UX design, program integration, testing, and product sustainability.


Our Digital Manufacturing ERP Solutions and Services are focused on increasing the digital maturity in core manufacturing functions, including product and asset lifecycle management, onsite and remote operations management, and harnessing the power and extensive data analysis of industrial IoT.


The retail industry is changing rapidly as power shifts to consumers. Retailers face new challenges from empowered customers, new engagement model, and many more. Techallie helps retailers provide the best shopping experience by combining online presence, mobile outreach, and a perfect blend of online and offline. Our retail software services and solutions offer customized retail solutions for ecommerce, store & grocery, dealerships, and shopping carts.


Every day, the healthcare industry grows and becomes better, and to meet the growing demand for medicines and treatments, the new systems and technologies are constantly developing. Today's healthcare landscape is changing due to consumer pressure. Our digital healthcare solutions harness the power of new technologies such as blockchain, artificial intelligence (AI), and augmented reality (AR). They allow healthcare providers to understand individual consumer preferences and offer personalized care.


Digital service providers are replacing communications service providers. Our deep technical expertise helps streamline this transformation, and Techallie telecom services include developing core network systems and creating VAS apps and IoT platforms. It allows our customers to foster innovation and ensure future-proofing of their offerings. Our clients can improve their operational performance and offer new services to their subscribers through the telecom software solutions that we create.

Education & E-learning

We create robust Learning Management Systems (LMS) from scratch, with intuitive User Interfaces (UI), productive User Experience (UX), niche technology using open-source tools, or end-to-end custom solutions. To create seamless user experiences across iOS or Android operating systems, we create web-based LMS platforms that integrate native mobile apps with the device's hardware. We also offer solutions for Progressive Web Apps.