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Design a custom website that makes more conversion

Your business website is an essential part. It should reflect the brand aesthetic of your business and encourage your target market to trust it. Custom web design services are the result of a collaborative effort. We partner with ambitious clients like you to make sure that the Website reflects your brand. Use our web development services for a truly immersive digital experience.

We are aware of the practical needs of our customers and push ourselves to fulfill their requirements quickly. Techallie built a strong relationship with clients through a constant and consistent effort from the start. Techallie believes the staff is the key to high-quality services. We are proud to be a part of a team that is skilled and has new ideas. We are committed to the 3K principle - Keep doing, Keep delivering, Keep satisfying. We can provide innovative services for clients. We also have an experienced mind. Techallie serves as a great platform to help you run your business efficiently and make you stand out from your growing competition. We offer excellent support to large MNCs and small startups, and decent companies for their company growth.

Web Designing
Web Designing

Web Designing

Static Website

The static website design may include company information or personal information. It's easy to create and requires very little scripting. A static website is a highly precise information for a specific time. That is a powerful way to promote products, especially for small businesses. Our static website design will create a website that allows you to promote your products online easily.

We offer our clients to develop their Static Website Designing that does not need everyday updates. It is essential to make an SEO-friendly website and browser friendly and with an easy navigation process. We provide a users' friendly option as it is quite easy to make a static website designing. As you would like to ensure that your Website has prominent images of your products, we offer just that to our clients. We make the Website so that a visitor can download a brochure or picture with just one click. We are promised to ensure our customers that our design will ensure a high ranking in popular search engines so that more and more people visit our customer's site. And all these are available at a very low cost which will make your Website a cost-effective one.

Website Redesign

Your Website's appearance and functionality are critical to your bottom line. Your Website should be attractive, well-designed, and focused on conversions. Techallie is a professional website design company that can assist you with this. Our websites are unique because we have years of experience in data analysis. We will cover every detail of your Website redesign strategy because we know it leads to more sales and leads. You are guaranteed to get a highly-performing, lead-driving website at Techallie.

Once we better understand your requirement, we can create a customized structured plan that includes redesign goals and the respective business outcomes.

· Mobile-first responsive design to increase mobile traffic.
· To reduce visitor bounce rates, faster page loading and performance issues are fixed.
· To improve visitor engagement, more intuitive navigation is required.
· Unification of multiple websites into one CMS - To reduce support and administration costs.

Parallax Website

Parallax scrolling refers to a special type or scrolling technique where the background images are slower than the foreground. It gives the Website a feeling of depth. Parallax Scrolling has become a popular web design technique that gives you the experience to cherish. It is simple and easy to make websites interactive and dynamic. It creates layers of images that move at a different speed depending on how they are scrolled in a browser. Programmers can create parts of an image that are self-determining and move. That is often a character or avatar that is mobile in a given digital environment.

Our parallax web designers can help increase traffic to the site and receive positive feedback. Our parallax website design service includes -

· Parallax Web Design Animation
· Reduce bound rate
· Best user experience

Single Page Website

While web design trends change, one thing that seems to be staying the same is websites with only one page. These super-streamlined websites are most popular for companies offering a single product, such as apps or consulting services.